A Little Love For My Valentines

valentines day dollar store

I realized something the other day… In every season there is always a celebration. There is the Spring’s Easter, Summer BREAK from school, Fall’s thanksgiving, Winter’s Christmas and finally the one upcoming soon… Valentine’s day! I love Valentine’s Day not because it’s the only day to show love of course, but it is a day to show that love in the cutest ways. It’s especially fun for kids and as a parent… that literally is just one of many ways to melt our hearts! Kids love creative and adorable things. We do not have to spend much for Valentine’s decorations because the dollar store is the best place for it.

modish trends mommy and me shirt

I was extremely surprised to see this beautiful Valentine’s decor at the dollar store. It was made beautifully and it had some quality in them, too. I just wonder how it’s a dollar! Ha! They had a lot more hanging decorations there, but I had to take home two of my top favorites. “Follow your heart” and to “love each moment”!

valentines day dollar store

One of my favorites has to be the valentine mailbox. They had three sizes. A large, medium, and a small. The biggest size is plentiful for a whole classroom’s valentines cards, while the mediums and small size would be good for younger kiddos who doesn’t attend school yet or only preschool! I only opted for the large and small, as well as these heart shaped ones!

valentines day dollar store

valentines day dollar store

I knew my youngest would love this one the most… me, well I have a love and hate for it. It is so pretty, lovely red, and a little girl needs a heart wand, right? But my goodness, those things that they put on it will shed everywhere if these kids aren’t gentle! Oh well. A little mess won’t hurt anyone right? Well, might hurt me a little.

valentines day dollar store modish trends

Last but not least is this super cute scarf! This one was picked by daughter because it had the most hearts, she said. It’s very lightweight and would be a fun addition to a Valentine’s outfit on Valentine’s day! This was a nice haul for us because it was definitely budgeted! It’s great because although we don’t really celebrate the day big time, I celebrate it for the kids! They are just such precious little kids and anything that makes them smile and enjoy life a little bit more, Mama will do!

Motherhood is definitely a joy filled gift. Sure, there are other struggles, but all I can think about most days is just how blessed I am to be someone they call Mom. My heart melts everyday over silly things they do like Mimi’s gummy smile. You know, that smile where their gums are fully visible? HAHA. I hope you have enjoyed our little haul and to further celebrate Valentine’s day in the most cutest way… gotta have these Mommy and Me matching black tees by Modish Trends. This one is called Melting Heart Motherhood and it is just so adorable. Check out their website for more! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and until next time!




  1. Laura
    January 11, 2018 / 1:48 AM

    What a gorgeous collection of goodies! Valentines is such a happy day isn’t it?

  2. Chava and Naftali Burnha
    January 11, 2018 / 2:00 AM

    So sweet! I love the pictures so, so much. This is just adorable!

  3. Jenni Petrey
    January 12, 2018 / 3:56 AM

    Oh these are just gorgeous. My kids would love these decorations.

  4. Corinne
    January 15, 2018 / 7:25 AM

    I love your photography! And those shirts are just DO ADORABLE! It makes me want to grab some shirts for myself and my two little boys. 🙂

  5. Christina Mackay
    February 10, 2018 / 9:52 PM

    What a beautiful sister flower! Companionship constitutes the happiness of the children and the mother. This kind of day is different.

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