Valentine Gift Boxes For Teachers


Teachers are important in our children’s lives because if you really think about it, they spend half their day with them! Our kids are out of the house by 8 AM in the morning, in our case, and don’t return home until 3:30 PM. I love hearing my children talk about their teachers in a positive note, it makes me feel so at ease that they feel comfortable everyday when they are there. We know that family is important on Valentine’s Day, but teachers should feel loved, too! It’s amazing how much time and effort they make for our children, sometimes even coming out of their own pockets! They have such genuine love, and this Valentine’s Day, we’ve made sure to make our teachers feel LOVED.


We were out shopping for Valentine’s Day cards the other day, and we came across these super cute valentine boxes! I thought it would PERFECT to put together gift boxes for our teachers. They don’t cost much, at the most they cost $3 and they look absolutely fun and beautiful. The valentine gift cards set that we purchased also came with a teacher’s card, how awesome is that?!


Ladies, do you shop a lot? Do you accrue points or receive gifts with purchase when you shop at your favorite beauty store? Let’s face it, sometimes we receive with too many rewards, or the items are not suitable for our skin. This is the perfect day to gift what you absolutely cannot use. I shop quite a bit at 100 percent pure, and they have so many gifts with purchase and great deals. I keep them for loved ones or gift giving, and I just love that this year, both of my kids have female teachers. Time to spoil them!


The mugs and notebook are also from the store that we went to, you can find these at Walmart or Target at a very affordable price. Your gift box items do not have to be much or filled with ten different things. We chose a mug, because what teacher do not need coffee or tea to get through their day? I mean come on, we get so exhausted with a few kids, HAHA. Can you imagine them with 20 something children? I am amazed!  The notepad is great to jot down some important notes, and the skincare is just a little nice touch to remind them that they are important women that deserves a little pampering! What have you created for our loving teachers this Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!
DC Superhero Girls Valentine’s Day Cards:
Marvel Valentine’s Day Cards: ​



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  1. NatG
    February 10, 2017 / 8:00 AM

    Fun! Cute,chica!

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