Sometime Last Month…

Sometime last month, specifically May 31, 2015 at around 3:00 PM the kids and I went to our neighbor, Patti’s house for a little afternoon walk through her trail in the backyard. She is a gardener so her backyard is just so beautiful! It’s like walking through one of those fancy gardens in Portland somewhere. Anyway, she has this little trail that they made and told us that they made a climbing apparatus for the kids out of chopped up trees! lol! It was a fun time because we also had a snack there on her picnic table. Her daughter, Crystal, picked some strawberries from nearby and it was so delicious with the homemade whipped cream she made! Let me tell you it tastes way better than the ones that you buy at the store! Time for me to learn how to make whipped cream at home haha… when I have the time. Afterwards, the kids played a game and blew some bubbles until we had to go home for dinner. The kids always have a good time when we visit her although we haven’t been there in a while because she’s been on vacation for like the umpteenth million months now! 🙂

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