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My son loves his spiky hair, it doesn’t even matter what kind of spiky hair… it just needs to be long and sharp! Sometimes I’ve got to go on a hunt for great products that doesn’t cause flakiness throughout the day. Previously, we were using other products to create his preferred Mohawk style but when I pick him up from the school bus stop after school, he always ends up with dried white flakes on his hair, forehead, and I’m pretty sure it’s on his ears, too! My kids skin are on the sensitive side so these things can’t happen to prevent itching. He was on a spiky hiatus for a little bit before we were introduced to SoCozy!


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SoCozy has a new collection called the Hush Sensitive collection for all the sensitive skin kiddos like mine. I always prefer to choose the gentle formulas just to be safe. You can check out the full ingredients here, but a key ingredient for this line is Rose bay extract to keep those sensitive scalp and skin around the hair healthy. If you check out their ingredients, you’ll see that aloe is one of the ingredients as well! I use aloe almost in all of my skincare so that makes me a happy mama to see that it’s in my children’s products as well.To create his favorite hairstyle, I used the Styling foam and it’s awesome to see that a gentle product can have such a great outcome! It was so easy to achieve this look with no hassle, especially since his hair is getting long which meant that his spiky parts would be heavier. It’s also a mousse and NOT a gel which is really impressive. The first time I used this, I fell in love because I didn’t have to spend so much time doing his hair in the morning. We all know that time moves way too fast before the kids have to go to school!


There are four different products in the Hush Sensitive collection which consists of:

1. Shampoo + Conditioner 2 in 1: twist to ON to dispense!
2. Detangler: If your children’s hair is as coarse as my eldest daughter (and mine!), you will love this!
3. Scalp Serum: To massage those dry scalp and skin
​4. Styling mousse


This collection is directed towards sensitive skin kiddos, which means it’s gentle enough for babies to use. It smells very nice and fresh without an overwhelming fragrance which is a must for sensitive skin. The 2in1 Shampoo and conditioner comes with a soft brush for babies sensitive heads and it should be enough for their short locks. I would imagine this and the serum would be really great for cradle cap! I wish these products were around when my youngest was a baby because she had a bad case of cradle cap. Anyway, now my kids are too grown for the shampoo brush tool, so I just use it normally. For thin to normal hair, this 2in1 would be enough and you would not need an additional conditioner. My oldest daughter’s hair, for reference, is very thick and this shampoo was able to clean her hair thoroughly.


My daughter always needs some type of oil to help detangle her hair since it’s pretty coarse. I loved testing this out because I’ve never used a spray before. I applied very generously on her damp hair and let it sit for a little bit before combing to allow saturation. With my youngest daughter, a few sprays was enough since her hair is the normal type.
I’m quite amazed at children’s hair products, I think I like it better than my own. I might have to sneak some of the detangler and the mousse from time to time, haha! I purchased these items in my local target found in the baby aisle, see if your local target carries them by checking the store locator. If you’d like to see more about the collection, visit SoCozy on their website. Also, SoCozy and I will be having a giveaway soon so keep on the lookout for a giveaway on my Instagram coming soon! Thanks so much for dropping by my lovely mama friends and until next time!Xo,




  1. Jenny
    March 6, 2017 / 5:35 PM

    I am definitely going to look into that detangler for my daughters!

  2. Brittany Kelly
    March 7, 2017 / 8:52 AM

    I need that detangler for my daughters hair!

  3. Erin Ruoff
    March 7, 2017 / 11:16 AM

    We are obsessed with SoCozy!

  4. Amber Battishill
    March 10, 2017 / 1:51 PM

    We live SoCozy and use their sensitive line for my son!

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