Sailor Moon Character Socks for Women


Are you a Sailor Moon fan? Because I AM! Ever since I can remember, which is like four years old…. Which IS 26 years ago, oh my gosh I’m old, I have been a die hard fan of these pretty superheroes lol. My mom and dad bought me literally three seasons of sailor moon comic books in my home language. When we moved to America, I had to give up my beloved collection because we couldn’t bring it. So sad! I guess since then they came out with two more seasons that I have yet to catch up on because my dearest daughters wants to watch them from the beginning. *sigh lol.I have no clue why I even looked up sailor moon socks. it was before my birthday, It was totally random, and how weird that I found them at all. I gasped, and gasped a little bit more than showed my husband a screenshot of the picture on Amazon. If I remember correctly, his response was “you want socks?” LOL.

These are sold for 9.99 for 5 socks on Amazon. I would link it, but I’m on my phone. Aren’t they cuuuuuuuuute? Not only are they CUTE, but these are thicker than normal socks, but not thick that your toes sweat. Judging by the picture above, who do you think stole the chibiusa sock and put them on herself? Apparently these women socks are knee socks for 2 year old girls. Isn’t Mimi’s feet so cute next to my weird shape feet? This picture was taken the moment I received it, and today which is two days later, she somehow found my other ones and put them on herself again…. Hmm… I thought these socks were for me. Life of moms. I should buy another 5 pairs!


Chibiusa (sailor moon’s daughter) I have no clue what her English name is don’t ask me because I will never call them by their English names lol! Anyway top from left: chibiusa, sailor mercury (ami), sailor Jupiter (makoto), venus (minako), mars (rei), and last but not least, sailor moon (usagi)

knee high socks for neebs that like to steal their mom’s cute socks, and ankle socks for women. You guys should see these socks on Mimi from behind. Super LOL!

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