Sacrificial Love

Through the midst of time crunching events like selling a home and moving, our family finally had time to attend church this morning. I must say, I’m glad we went today because the sermon was so powerful. The words were so strong that I was so moved while sitting in complete still in my seat. The most inspiring way to give a sermon is to give comparables in real life situations, not that the teachings of the bible is not real life because IT IS, but some people including me understands these teachings better if its described in a way we all could understand.
He goes on to explain that one person will practice dribbling a basketball, and he succeeds this by the way with all the tricks he could possible think of… Then goes on to audition to be in a basketball team. He raises his hand and says, “Pick me, I am the best there is”. While it may be true that he’s quite the dribbler (hehe), he misses the point of the greater purpose of being in a basketball team. It is not to be a solo player, the purpose is to win by shooting the basketball into the basket. To reach that goal, it must be teamwork, it must be learning to work with your team mates and basically… Be one. To be as a whole, you must respect, love, and work with each other to rise above.

How amazing is that? Of course the best in one of the main points of the sermon is sacrificial love. You must let go of putting one’s self on a pedestal, must let go of ones own needs and wants for the greater good of others as a whole to reach one important goal of life… Which is to follow our one and only God, to give Him glory for all He’s done, to forgive, to love your neighbors as you love yourself. You cannot do these things, if you glorify yourself. Glorifying ourselves only brings destruction, hate, and misery.

Why do you ask? How could making myself important bring so much destruction in others around me? Well, it’s because we are human. We are not perfect, and has minds so limited, it takes greater energy to fully understand everything. If I am the type of person who believes that a great life is to have power, lots of money, and for everyone to do everything I ask to reach that purpose… That is the start of the end of life. Those things will not produce love, but it is a recipe for hate. My neighbors will be uneasy of my presence. Instead of welcoming me with open arms, their hearts will be so closed and cold against me, afraid to be open with their thoughts because it meant that I will be sacrificing others needs for my own.

That was the problem with the Pharisees, you know… Those authority figures in the Old Testament that proclaimed they live life according to the Word, but instead puts down the very meaning of the temple. These people made themselves God and made rules so others will object to their needs. It was no longer a place where believers could come together and glorify God, it was no longer a place to share God’s word. Instead rules were created and condemned the poor or the weak to be unable to enter the temple. It was a place of greed and there were no sacrificial love.

We always ask what’s wrong with the world today? It is the absence of God in our hearts. If we fully understand the meaning of life, the world be a better place. There will be no more destroying others to fulfill our own desires. There will be no more deaths because ones own selfish needs. We must sacrifice our own needs and what WE think life should be, so that others can understand the power of Jesus, the strength of the Word, and that they too could no longer live life with fear, but instead with love. God sacrificed His own Son for the greater good… So that WE can be forgiven and enter heaven to be with our loving Father. One person can unite us all, but we must believe. We must proclaim Him as Savior of the world. It is not by works or money, it is by surrendering ourselves for love of God and love of others.

Have you witnessed God’s miracles right in front of your eyes? It may not be instant, yet time enduring… But have you seen how love could change another person’s way of thinking? Let me know in the comments below how God have changed your life or how you have helped to change another! Thank you so much for visiting.



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