My Daughters, The Wonder Women


Don’t you just love sisters? Whenever I see my daughters together playing or bonding, I always think of what it would be like to have my own sister! I bet it would have been so fun. I’m so happy to witness that my girls get along so well together. I see so much potential to these little ladies of mine, and it would be no surprise to me if they turn to be such wonder women of the future!


They are strong, yet gentle and reserved. They watch and observe the environment before jumping in and when they do… they know the world is safe! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this self reservation means a lot to me as a mother. With the world today, it calms me greatly to know my girls will not go or talk to any strangers without my knowledge. I’m not sure if this is just who they are or if I unknowingly have thought them the importance of stranger danger, but I’m just so glad.

With these attributes, they are also such compassionate girls… they will NEVER be the one to hurt others and will think twice before hurting the feelings of another. As a mother, I am amazed at the strength of their hearts…. to include other children in activities, to take turns or give a turn. I just want to cry with JOY.

Last but not least, it might be because Keilani is four years older than her little sister, she doesn’t mind matching outfits with Mimi. She loves to play and take care of her like she’s her babysitter!


Whenever my son would put on in his Captain America costume, the girls would always pretend their superheroes, too. Of course, being girls, they couldn’t be superheroes without a cute little purse to go in hand! It totally matches their dresses! My daughters love purses just like mommy so it’s no wonder they had to have this Jujube itty bitty be! We know that boys always want to be the superhero, but girls can, too! This neutral gender coloring of the Super Toki print by Tokidoki will be great for your son and daughter. It’s so fun and enganging to look at any Tokidoki print, but I think this print has to be one of my top favorite ones. This is still available at Ju-ju-be along with many other style bags from this line!



These matching superhero dresses are made by Sarah from SES Styles over at Etsy. They are so well made and super cute! You can choose to have a white or pink top as seen here. Of course, Mileina always picks the pink one! The dresses come with a bow to match in the waistline. To add to these pretty dresses, you can choose to add a matching soft or hard headband as well as a bow clip for just a few dollars more! Sarah has been amazing to work with regarding my requests for the dresses. If you have a special event and want your own custom dress, check out her Etsy shop and Social platforms. She has TONS of customized dresses available. A little bit about Sarah:

​”Sewing, designing and creating has always been a part of my life. My mother, grandmother and great grandmother were all talented seamstresses, so in 2014, it seemed natural that I follow in their footsteps by starting my own children’s clothing & accessories line. “

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*White dress was purchased by me while the pink was given to me by SES Styles in exchange for my thoughts and review!

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