Mother’s Day 2015


It’s Mother’s Day!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there! My day started very early in the morning and the kids slept in till about 8 AM, except MiMi who I had to wake up 20 minutes before we had to leave for church. That girl was so exhausted from the day before. My very, very close close friend Talitha, or should I say my sister basically, she is just like a sister, I don’t even know how to explain, came over to visit us with her family and we went to the Portland market, ate at the food truck, walked alongside the river, went to the mall, and they came to our house! The kids played outside and roamed around our yard, so it was a very full day for the kids. I wish we could’ve spent the whole weekend with them, one day is just never enough!

Anyway, the kids and I went ahead to church because Zach had to work a morning shift today 🙁 My kids really love this Sunday school so I try my best to take them every Sunday, they are just amazing at what they do! Ezekiel stayed with me for the praise and worship because he just loves hearing people sing and play instruments. The kids made me such cute Mother’s Day cards! It just keeps getting more creative each year, I’m impressed. Ezekiel made a paper flowers and vase using cutouts of his handprint and Keilani made me a paper teacup with orange spice tea in it, which was surprisingly good. Another card that gives little paper flowers for chores she can do everyday, which is genius. She also made another Mother’s Day card(book) at her kindergarten class, she’s on a roll!

After church, went to Fred Meyer to get some fried chicken and their favorite croissant breads for lunch. EZ and MiMi sat on one of those car carts, so funny and so cute! I think Keilani wanted to ride in it too but she is obviously too big! When Zach got off work, he took me to best buy and got me the most awesome thing ever. Like seriously, so freaking awesome. To end the night, we went to red robins and ate our usual meals of royal red burger for the man, chicken strips and broccoli for moi, , Mac and cheese, pizza, and fries for the kids! Today was honestly one of the best days ever, not just because it was Mother’s Day but because I feel so lucky to have my family, an amazing husband, three crazy kids, and just the breaths of air I am still breathing, blessed with from the Lord!

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I love it when my mom gives me ice cream and my mom will bring us to kids club

To relax my mom likes to walk and talk with me.

Jayli, Keilani, and Janelle

Yes, I do realize these pictures show no faces 🙁 View of the river


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