Mama Tribe Life – A Fun Loop Chat + Giveaway!

Hi Mama Friends, we wanted to share with you a fun new activity that we have started for this new year. We love all the opportunities and ideas that we come up with and I am so excited to share about Mama Tribe Life. This is a community on instagram to get to know other moms just like you. After all, behind every successful mama is a tribe of other mamas who have her back! We wouldn’t be who we are today without our mama friends, right? We know We depend on our tribe of ladies who know what it is like to be a mom! Those times when we’re struggling with our job as a mother, we always go to our mom friends for a pick me up. With that said, We are sure you have seen Loop Chats and Giveaway Loops that goes on in instagram but this time, we have decided to do both in one. We have published our first chat and giveaway and to learn how to win this month’s prize is to just simply read more in this post!
Each month we will have a sponsor joining our loop chat and as a thank you for participating, we would love to giveaway a special item! This month’s sponsor is Felt Letter Boards & by participating you are entered to win your choice of one (1) Felt Letter Board & one (1) Pinky Promise letter set. In the picture above, this is the beautiful gray felt board but you can pick ANY color that you love. Also… don’t you just love those pink letters? SO CUTE! The way our giveaway loop chat works is…

1. follow each blogger and/or sponsor

We plan to have at least five participants in each month’s giveaway.

2. tag your friends!

This is totally optional, but the more friends you tag, the more chances you’ll win.

3. answer each question

Answering our questions gives us a chance to get to know a little bit more about our new friend… you!

4. tap the photo to the next mama!

Tapping the photo will lead you to the next mama in the loop chat.
​The loop chat ends when you find yourself in the first mama’s instagram that you started out with!
We hope that by this community on Instagram that we have started, you may find new friends and we hope that you may create new lifelong friendships. As a matter of fact, We met through our mutual love of blogging. It was very interesting when we found out that we both live in the Pacific Northwest! Of course living so close, we are bound to have our mama dates, so fun!


Meet Livi & kids (left) and Ashley& kids (right)
If you are an influencer or a brand and would love to participate in the #MAMATRIBELIFE loop chat and giveaway, please fill out the form below!



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