Let’s just nap



There’s something about hot weather that just makes me want to nap. I think the sun has relaxing rays that just makes my body feel lazy. Haha. Just kidding, the sun is out and it’s time to be out! Do yard work, play bubbles with the kids, run around, be silly, and get a tan! My goal this summer is to at least tan two shades darker than my skin color right now. I don’t know why I can’t tan. It’s not like I put any heavy duty sunblock on me!

Anyway, school is almost over and it’s time for summer camps. We made it a goal to have the kids busy with lessons and camps! I’ve already signed up the two older ones in kids club camps which should be amazing. They have different themes for different weeks. Ezekiel wanted the superhero camp and of course Keilani wanted the…. Princess camp! The drive is almost thirty minutes but I will drive for them if they get to have fun. I also am thinking of having the kids take martial arts, I think it will be great because it teaches discipline for them which is always a plus.

I think when they’re young it’s so important to give them a chance to figure out what interests them. It will help them be more confident when they get older because they know what they’re good at. Also, if they are good at a certain thing they will devote their time for the hobby or skill. To me, that means less time to be worrying about things they shouldn’t be thinking about or even doing. I strive to be the kind of parent who are always there, always supports, and always encourages to whatever goal they desire. Granted, I’m not perfect and will miss certain things… But I am devoted to be this parent. It means so much to them, and that is all the reason I need. They won’t be little forever, and if they trust us now, they will be open to come to us later when they need us at the times when they are striving to be Independent.


Mom of Kezemi!


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