Kindergarten Celebration – Keilani

On June 12th, 2015, our eldest daughter, Keilani, graduated from Kindergarten! I’m so proud of her and her achievements. In 9 months, she learned how to read, write, and math! I’m so amazed with kids and their eagerness to learn. She can now read books to her younger siblings and she does it well. In the beginning of the year, it was a hard start for her with new school, new classmates, and a BIG school. I think it took about a month before she started getting used to all the new things. I am so glad that she was placed in Mrs. Clark’s class because she is the most sweetest teacher in the kindergarten world 🙂

The celebration was the cutest thing ever because the kids sang songs from Septermber through June. Each month had a theme and the different classes sang the songs. Of course, I only recorded the ones that she was in it otherwise my camera would die! It was a little hard recording hence all the shakiness because my youngest daughter kept pulling at me. Her class had the theme songs wheels on the bus, jingle bells, family, and last but not least all the kindergarten classes sang the Kindergartener song! Afterwards, the kids and keilani’s classmates played at the school playground for a little bit before it was time to get ready for bed! I hope you enjoyed the video!


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