Jujube Out To Sea Hello Kitty


How exciting is the new Hello Kitty print? It is SO adorable and so fun. If you’re like me and love navy blue and anchors, you’ll love this! Especially if you love anything kawaii. I feel like I will never grow out of hello kitty. We all grew up with Sanrio and hello kitty is always the star… I mean my 3 year old still watches the original cartoons!!I am so pumped to show you the styles that I received. First and foremost, my favorite style ever Be Classy, is just darling. It has contrasting patterns with the stripes alongside the anchor and hello kitty prints. I love that they decided to do this as I believe this adds more of a fun factor to all you mamas that want to add a little notch. Although the Be Quick do not come with the stripes, it still has the SUPER cute anchor on the right hand side of the bag. I find that be Quicks are just handy for a lot of things… This week I have been using it empty inside the be classy JUST in case I need to go into the store real quick and I could just dump my wallet, phone, and keys in there instead of bringing the whole thing.


Notice that the bows on the anchors are different. Some anchors are dressed up with the classic red bow, and some are accessorized with a white and red polka dot bow! The bow prints on the bag are also different with red and the other navy blue with white borders.


The red lining is an awesome contrast to the bag while still matching the whole theme. I love that jujube is mixing the nautical style with hello kitty to make it one big nautical hello kitty party! This specific print reminds me of the commodore, don’t you agree? I also want to point out that the glasses pouch is black, and not navy blue.



I took this bag out for the whole day a couple of days ago when my family and I went out to the river after our dinner at Mcmenamins. Everytime I use this style, I’m allowed to bring so many things with room to boot. I just love how this specific style looks so chic and classy, hence the name! If not used for kids, or ladies that do not have kids but still love hello kitty… This style is PERFECT for a tech bag. You can fit your laptop, iPad, camera, collerating cables, chargers, and many more. The back of this bag has two zippered pockets that can be used for a phone as large as an iPhone 6 Plus, and the large zippered pocket for an iPad. The front “mommy pocket” could be used for your stationery and other personal items. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to this style, it has no constricting corners limiting the products you choose to carry.



I am so glad I could show you ladies the features of this new fun print. I love how it can be used for ladies and mini ladies alike. I appreciate how jujube can make so many prints that us mamas can share with our little ones. I just love how my little ladies can just use any fun prints that I have for their own little purses or organization. How fun! Thank you SO much for visiting my blog and coming to visit me, I always love to know you dropped by, so please leave me a comment below what you think of this print or what styles you’re planning to snag! Until next time.Xo,
Livi*Sponsored in partnership with Jujube, all opinions are my own!

Watch my video of the Out To Sea print and see more features of the bags. Don’t forget to subscribe!!





  1. Cassandra
    July 16, 2016 / 9:51 PM

    I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS PRINT! I got the Be Classy as well and you’re so right about it being great as a tech bag. I have a tiny MacBook Air that will fit perfectly inside it, along with other work essentials. Can’t wait to wear it about town!

    • xolivi
      July 16, 2016 / 10:36 PM

      Me too! I think I’m going to try to snag a mini be and the be set. It’s going to be a hard catch, haha! Considering how much I love the classy, I feel like I’m going to hoard so many of them…

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