Jujube Kaiju City Mini Be With Mimi


Mileina is a VERY girly girl who just loves fairies, princess dresses, and anything that describes pretty. She won’t wear clothing that doesn’t scream “girl” such as her older brother’s hand me downs. Hey, they still look new but they are very boy colors. Somehow… She just knows… that they aren’t cute. When Donutella’s sweet shop came out, it was no question whether she would love it or not. It’s pink, it’s sweet, it’s pastel, it’s Mimi. Funny thing is… as girly as she is, she loves playing with action figures, cars, trucks, and whatever else she can “borrow” from her brother’s room.
When the Kaiju City joined the tokidoki and jujube collection, I knew I loved it. It had the video game appeal in the theme of it all. It’s fun, it’s engaging, and the colors are very vivid. Even though I loved it, I wasn’t sure what Mimi thought of it since it’s not EXACTLY girly. There are dinosaurs, monsters, and robots but there are also other characters like Donutella, mommy dinosaur and her babies, and hearts!


I think Tokidoki prints are just very lovable no matter what, she ended up really loving this print. Like the previous Toki prints, she would sit down and just look at all the different characters. I think it’s nice for a young child to be so observant. One of the characters she pointed was the cat! I don’t know the cat’s name but he sure is cute! She also mentioned that Donutella is scared, hehe.With school in motion, her older siblings are busy with school work, friends, and of course recess. It sure does feel different with just one child at home… It’s very quiet but it also gives us some time bond and give her independent play without big brother or sister. We have discovered new playgrounds, a library, new stores to visit, and more. Yesterday we decided to have a little photo shoot with her new Kaiju City mini be. Of course she chose a really princess-y dress that looked like Jasmine’s dress when she was a toddler. Gotta love kids and their imagination!

I have to note that she’s an incredible little model and is very recipient to instructions. If I ask her to twirl, she becomes a ballerina. If there is an item needed to be held still for close ups, she literally becomes a perfect hand model. Haha! Since I plan to do a Kaiju City Haul soon for my YouTube channel, she helped me quite a bit to show what was purchased. I loved doing this with her, she had so much fun opening each of the bags to take out the plastic the bags usually comes in from Jujube. Retailers usually take them out of the bag then place the plastic inside the bag. She enjoyed this very much, and I thought it was so cute because she made it her own goal to do this with every bag!

The mini be was just one of many that we LUCKILY were able to purchase thanks to the help with my awesome husband! I couldn’t make it to the local store but since he was still in the Portland area, he was able to go to one. I’ll make sure to finish my haul video later, and include a little VLOG that he captured.


In the end, most of my list was fulfilled. I’m surprised they didn’t have a Kaiju City micro tech! I ended up scoring one on Lauras little boutique, but we will see how that goes! Hopefully no oversell on this, haha. Anyway, my husband was such a husband for the year hahaha. I still can’t believe he got all of these for me! He even got our sister’s wish list items. What are the odds?! Good thing some stores are not as popular as others, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have turned out so well. Anyway, what are YOUR purchases? Did you receive everything in your wish list? Until next time!xo,
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