Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Peach Goddess


Jeffree star skin frost is here! I chose the shade peach goddess because I didn’t have anything that was a peachy pink shade. I was a little worried that this shade might be too peachy on me or that it might turn too orange on my skin tone. I was glad to find out that this is actually a really nice pink champagne color! The one by Laura geller in the shade peach glow had a weird orange undertone that didn’t scream highlight for me, more like a super bright blush that wasn’t very flattering. Anyway, I’m really happy that this peach goddess one by JE is much more flattering. It does have a peachy sheen to it, but the pink really neutralizes it very well.



 My pictures are always taken outside in natural light and look how pretty it is when the sunlight hits! I love that it glows but it has no glitter disco looking effect. I find that even though this can be a strong highlight easily, this can also be a really natural glow from within look as well. Unlike the balm mary loumanizer, you really have to be careful not to go overboard.


Natural light, look at how it glows!


Closer look, indirect natural light (some light blocked)
Now that all the pretty pictures showing off this beautiful highlight is all out in the open. I must now talk about the formulation. It reminds me a lot of the Laura geller gelato illuminators, except that JE’s is slightly more powdery, while LG’s is creamier. Don’t get me wrong, they are both very creamy to the touch and application, but JE skin frost are just slightly more powdery.


Pan size compared to other brands. A couple pros and cons are more product for the money, but a little difficult for travel as it takes more space. It is very huge! Compare it to my Laura geller gelato, there’s a big difference. I do have to say that the LG size is very friendly for travel, and price wise between the two JE: $29 and LG: $26 I really can’t complain with the small size of the gelato because the formula is just too good. But let’s get real, Jeffree star’s skin frost size and cost is definitely more friendly and cost effective to the consumers. I hope that he comes out with a smaller size for travel.


Last but not least, let’s do some comparison to peach goddess, which is a pink, but slightly warm toned highlight.

Charming pink is lighter and more cool toned.
Luminous light is subtle, neutral toned.
Mary loumanizer is lighter, neutral toned,
Gilded honey is warmer, and gold probably like king tut!

I put the hourglass luminous light in the middle so you can see the glow effect between subtle and an actual glow highlight. I will update soon with a final impression once I’ve actually worn this on my face throughout the day! Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog, until next time!


Update: I still love the shade of this highlighter, but I have to note that this is not that type of BLING highlighter. It is naturally a subtle type of highlighter that looks very natural on the face. For those of you that like the really strong highlight, this is not it. I will go on to say like most highlighters, you CAN cake it up or use Mac fix plus or some type of spray to enhance the glow factor. Also, when I try to put layers on it, it does not look very well and enhances my flaws, lol. I will not use it for that purpose anymore, I’m subtle highlight all the way anyway. The wear time is good, by the end of the day it’s still there! To end this note, my ultimate favorite is still the hourglass and the Laura geller gelatos.

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  1. October 30, 2019 / 1:22 PM

    Did you hear the new about Jefree Star?? I guess he just put out a new makeup collection! Shane Dawson I guess is his partner on this collection. It’s called Conspiracy. It looks fantastic!

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