‘Can’t Fall Asleep’ Featuring Valerian Root and ‘Bye, Anxiety’ by St. John’s Wort.

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Having been with my husband for ten plus years, it’s a given for me that he is literally a part of me,! I have a hard time falling asleep and STAYING asleep when he works graveyard. I would be so exhausted the next day because I wouldn’t get a good night’s rest. It’s extremely funny if I really think about it, like why? Hehe. I love sleep, no shame and no doubt about it. Sleep makes you sane and recharges for the next day, without it, you’re a grumpy old fart zombie, get real!At times I would arrange a whole bunch of pillows on his side of the bed to make it a little better. Sometimes that doesn’t work so I eventually stopped doing that to feel a little less silly. Finally, at last though, I think I found a solution to that, by mistake, at least. I wasn’t even looking for anything to help me sleep but some discovery is a great discovery!

My neighbor, Patti, is a homeopathic lover like me. I prefer things that are less processed or containing too much chemicals. One day I asked her about what she takes for anxiety because when it’s MY time of the month with crazy women period and what not.. my anxiety goes off the roof. I don’t let it really show, but containing it IS hard and it’s not fun. She suggested I try St. John’s wart during the day and Valerian root at night because her husband has anxiety problems as well.

I use the one by spring valley because that’s all she could find locally that had the least amount for trial testing. For St. John’s Wort, the recommended dose is two capsules three times a day (I take one three times a day) for regular days and I take the recommended amount for that dreadful week of bloody pain, pun extremely intended. I notice with these supplementation I don’t get ANY cramps, I didn’t expect that at all. In addition to basically no anxiety, I feel like a normal person! My chest no longer tightens with worry, I feel super relaxed with tons of energy. I think it’s so amazing how one simple thing can change your life. So… BYE, anxiety!Some side effects of taking these are sensitivity to sun, I don’t worry about this because I’m extremely diligent with using my sunblock. Everyone should always use sunblock or sunscreen anyway to protect your skin from prolong damage from the rays, even if it’s cloudy the Sun’s rays are still shining through. If you do not use sunblock or sunscreen, I recommend you don’t use this product.

Last but not least, If you take some sort of medication for something else… St. John’s wort will declare it ineffective so please consult your doctor if you use any sort of medication. For example, if you use birth control… You’ll end up having a baby. Lol.

Fun fact: St. John’s wort is named after John the Baptist. The herb grows around his birthday so they named it after him!

Anyway, back to the point of this whole post…. Yeah… Can’t fall asleep? Last week, my husband had a graveyard shift and I took the valerian root that one night. I couldn’t even believe I fell asleep so fast and I didn’t even wake up once, not even to PEE! It’s amazing. I woke up a cheery old bird 🙂 I don’t think I will abandon these gems. Tonight I will test this again since my lovely husband will be working graveyard again for like *cries* two nights. I’m hoping it won’t fail me, or maybe I’m jinxing it right now. Lol, yikes.The dose for this one is three capsules 30 minutes before bedtime. This is not melatonin, or Benadryl, if you please. It’s not like those pills that will knock you out. This will relax you, slow you down, and clear your mind… Which will aide in falling asleep. Best of luck if you decide to try these! And best luck for me tonight and tomorrow night *cry*


Note to me: Come back to this post when you’re old and menopausing, LOL. Something about St. John’s wort, sage, and black cohosh are the mix for a tincture to help women not be crazy during menopause.

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