H&M Makes School Outfits A Breeze!

The school year has started and it’s time for those busy routines that we are very familiar with. Those summer days are gone when we can just sleep in and not worry about time and homework! As a parent, of course a new year is filled with new worries especially for a kindergartener. It’s a new school with new friends and teachers… it can be a little scary!
Alas, all those worries were just what a typical parent would have because usually our children just goes on fine.. or at least for my son! He was so happy to start his first day of school and entered the building with a big smile on his face. Each passing day, it just gets better and better. One thing that he is learning to do better is…. listening! Haha! One of our routines in the morning is to brush our teeth and wash our face to give ourselves a little pick me up. I usually pick out Ezekiel’s clothes because he’s a little too young to reach the hangers and to maybe pick out a matching outfit? So I just set it aside next to his closet so he knows what to grab!
I usually take SO long to put together the kids outfits… until I started shopping at H&M for their school clothes. Oh my goodness, what a breeze it was. Not only are their stores layout of the clothes make it easy for you to shop…. but they’re also affordable and a pretty good quality. All the cute little mannequins with the outfits are an awesome way to get us started… We ended up with many outfits that they could easily wear. I also don’t know why but each outfit really matches well if we were to mix and match. Maybe we just end up buying neutral colored things? Hehe! 

I also notice a few little smart designs in their clothes. You know how when they were babies and they had one size cloth diapers? That way they can grow without us parents forking out hundreds out of dollars for another size? Well these are how H&M jeans and pants are designed! O.M.G it’s amazing! It also doesn’t discriminate with children’s waist sizes either… My son is a very high metabolism kind of kid and he is pretty thin in his built. Usually he needs to wear a belt when wearing you know, let’s call it mainstream clothes. With these ones though…. let’s just put the belts in the storage because it’s not needed! This is one of my favorite things about H&M.Another favorite is that their outerwear is thick enough, but not so thick that it does not allow proper layering. Entering fall, it’s getting pretty cold here in the Pacific Northwest, but it is still pretty sunny and sometimes it could get warm. Ezekiel usually wears a long sleeve and an outerwear like the pictured above and this combo gives him the perfect warmth without ending up a sweatball! Did I mention it’s also waterproof? Stylish “rain jacket”? WE WILL TAKE IT ALL! Their outerwear also allows them to wear during rain or shine without the added unnecessary hood at the given time because they’re removable!

I have to mention that some of their sizes run big. For example, Keilani’s biker jacket is a size 5 and it fits her PERFECTLY… mind you, she is 7 going on 8. This girl also does not like being hot, or close to hot! She doesn’t like any itchy feeling kind of material whatsoever, which is why it was very nice to find thin material clothing like this jersey dress. They have both long and short sleeves and they are just very loved by her. Its best of both worlds of shirts and dresses! Not to mention, their cotton leggings and shirts are two get one free…. what’s not to love! She actually ended up with free pink leggings, all picked by Keilani herself. Leggings are a must for school because it allows our girls to wear dresses AND be free to play around without worrying about their could be visible underwear as at recess. Monkey bars, anyone?
Little sister is not yet in school, but of course we could not leave her out of the H&M fun! I was always struggling with her outerwear because for some reason the ones I see are not cute or they don’t have everything like this one. We went out for a jog today and it was sunny but very, very, cold. This jacket’s waistline is adjustable as you can see in the picture above, it has two white ties to adjust. The furry lined hood is also removable just like her brother’s, and yes it’s waterproof! When I figured out all these cool features, I feel like our hard earned money is put to good use because it grows with our children and fits with whatever they need for the given weather. I love it!
Have you ever shopped at H&M? Was it for you or your kids? What do you love about them? Let me know in the comments below and until next time!Xo,

*Products purchased by me, not sponsored. All opinions are always my own!




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