Simple Day


Fishtail braid was not working on you though, little one.

The rain has gone, and the sun is shining! It was about 80 today, and Keilani asked for pig tails for her hair style, and I ended up doing fishtail braids on them! I think this must be one of the fun things with girls when they are little. They just want cute hairstyles! Guess who came running afterwards wanting the same thing?

There is just something about MiMi that is just too cute. She has the willpower of a super girl. She knows what she wants and she will let everyone know it 😱 lately she has been SO into character shirts. Whether it would be hello kitty, frozen, and my little pony… It just has to have a character on it. It’s almost bed time for her and now to change her into her boring pajamas… That’s going to be another challenge!



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