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Today we went out for a little bit to Macy’s and then afterwards the kids played at the mall indoor playground. There were a decent amount of kids in there, not too little and not too many. I am always happy when the kids in there are the appropriate age range. There were a couple of times when Tweens went in there and pretty much were creating too much mess with their rowdy behaviors. It’s like okay I think they are too old for this… Haha. But today was a good one, so that’s great! Kids climbed up on mostly everything and MiMi almost went down the slide! She mostly liked standing on top of the bugs.

Afterwards, we had to head our way home but my husband remembered the little park that he saw one time that we never knew existed! We ended up going there first and the kids loved it! One of the slides was so high but Keilani and Ezekiel went on it with no problems. There were pretty cool play things that I haven’t seen before, it’s like a bucket seat and the kids can spin round and round.

My blogs can be boring to my readers sometimes when it comes to family life, but this part of my blog is very important to me. It’s my way of recording our outings and the fun that we have as a family! I’m sure my children will appreciate this as they get older, they can look back on their younger years and reminisce about it with each other. After I’m long gone, they will have this part of me that they will always have!


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