Donutella’s Sweet Shop in Be Classy by Jujube x Tokidoki


Hey MAMAS,I’m back with another blog about my favoooooorite print ever, Donutella’s Sweet Shop! I have been using the Be Classy ALOT this week and seems like i’m still choosing this style as of now! Don’t you agree the style is just so…..classy?! Wow, i’m original! There are just so many fun things about this style of bag to those tote loving style mamas out there. I ordered this one from Tokidoki website as they’re the only ones who still carries some of the print left. Other boutiques and jujube are completely sold out of everything, I believe. Unless i’m missing something here? Hmm..? Anyway, I’m so happy with the print placement with this one because Donutella is right in front next to Stellina! She is so cute with her winks, such a cute flirt!

The handle is rolled so it is so comfortable for wear, There are other ways to carry this bag as well such as messenger style or cross body. My favorite ways to wear this bag is with the tote and the crossbody. The front of the bag is the mommy pocket and it is HUGE!


It’s way bigger than the BFF and I actually don’t remember about the be prepared. I haven’t used that one in a long while. It’s probably the same, but its definitely bigger than the BFF for sure! It is gusseted so your personal belongings will not slide out from the sides. The glasses pocket is bigger than the BFF as well and I can fit a Small Set in there plus other things if I wanted to, but I don’t because I like keeping the mommy pocket simple and flat when closed.


It does come with a key fob like their big bags such as the BRB, BFF, and the Be prepared. I don’t know why I love the be classy so much, i feel like i’m completely biased with saying random things like the key fob is longer! Is it? haha! I just LOVE this style. I attach so many random things on my keychain though.


Sorry for the different lightings on my pictures, but I take my pictures in natural light and the sunlight just goes off and on like it’s bipolar. That’s why some are bright and some are dying of gloom. I would edit it, but I accidentally didn’t take these pictures in it’s raw format. Whoops, oh well. I thought it was summer already…. Spring season, what are you doing? Anyway, on both sides of the bag, comes with two hidden zippered pocket to store water bottles or if you’re like me, I just store different things in there that has nothing to do with water bottles. I’m a total REBEL! (lol)


My favorite way of carrying, TOTE STYLE!


My second favorite of carrying this bag is cross body. I usually only do this if i’m carrying a ton of things for longer outings. Otherwise it’s tote style all the way.


​Please see interior features in the video below:

​Thank you thank you so much for visiting my blog, I truly appreciate it! Until next time!


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