Date Night ❤️


Having three kids under the age of 6 can be pretty time consuming and it definitely is hard to find time just for the two of us. When my husband and I have our seldom night outs, it means a lot to us and it gives me such a rejuvenation also to be out without little ones. Our neighbor Patti watched the children for us, God bless her heart! We were looking for a sports bar to watch the mayweather vs paquiao fight but it was sold out everywhere. They reached full capacity very quickly, so we decided to head over miss Lenci’s house for the fight! So thankful they invited us, I honestly feel so blessed to keep meeting amazing people here!

We had time to kill before the fight, so Zach took me to Beaches restaurant near the river. It is so BEAUTIFUL over there, we sat next to the window so we can view the river. I’ve never been there before, so it was a really nice spot he picked. 😍 We sat at the bar, no waiting time of course! That was very nice, if we had the kids with us we would probably had an hour wait! It was so packed on a Saturday night. He ordered some African beer I forgot what it’s called, and I had the tropical sunrise. We also had the pulled sandwich which was amazing. Perfect flavor, delicious coleslaw to pair, and just so delicious. Next time I’m ordering the lobster dip! After dinner, we walked alongside the river hand in hand until we had to head to Lenci’s house.

Lenci had her family there too so it was nice to meet them also. We went there just in time for the fight, it was so intense just to watch that. I honestly don’t understand the score board because I saw different in my eyes. Manny pacquiao didn’t win, but all I saw on his face was thankfulness, humbleness and smiles on his face. A person like that with a good heart will go many places. I’m not too keen with mayweather’s persona, but I did think it was nice of him to say those kind words about Manny.

We headed home back to the kids afterwards, I think we arrived around 10:30 which is past the kids bedtime. Patti told me that Ezekiel was worried about me and Zach because he is so used to having us there to put him to sleep every night. But of course, Patti always give great talks with the kids and told him that we would always come back even if sometimes we are not there to tuck them in at night. Ezekiel did wake up at around 2am to check if we were there and he went back to sleep.


Didn’t know which one to wear, but decided for purple since it’s different!


My date night makeup, before I decided what lipstick to wear lol. I look a little dead. Using KVD shade and light eye palette, and contour palette!


Me and my honey


Jacked his hat and those window blinds gosh!


Shade and Light, lol


Walking by be river, I’m really liking this vintage filter!


My mini MiMi sitting next to me right now while I’m blogging.


KC and EZ’s Sunday school art work


  1. Kezemi
    May 7, 2015 / 5:27 AM

    Thanks mawar, yes he was drinking mac and jack lol you know your beer! Lol I actually do kind of like the neutral lips too!

  2. Patti Elias
    May 10, 2015 / 6:04 AM

    It was so much fun to be with your children, they are growing up so fast!! I love the pics of you and Zach, you both looked like you had a great time. Let’s do that again soon!

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