Abby’s 6th Birthday


Today was Abby’s sixth birthday party and we were able to go for a little bit! The kids played outside with the sprinkler, pool, and the water table. It was really hot so it was good that they had water activities there. I was a little worried about Mileina because she doesn’t do well with delayed or missed naps especially when she wakes up super early in the morning haha. She did great for the first hour playing with all the cool things…. Until her allergies ruined it 🙁 I don’t even know where it came from because she was doing okay then all of a sudden her legs and arms just started itching and those little bumpy meany non-friends came along!

Thankfully, Lenci came to the rescue with letting kc and ez stay while I came home and put itchy toddler to sleep. They got to eat cake and watch Abby open her present! Her birthday decoration was the Frozen Fever. Have you watched the mini movie? It was so cute! Elsa has the spring allergies and everytime she sneezed, snow babies would pop up! Keilani and I saw this when we went to the theaters to watch Cinderella. I can’t wait till the Minion movie comes out so we can all go as a family because Ezekiel lovessssssss minions!

Anyway, I wish I took a picture of the present Keilani picked for Abby aww! That’s another thing I forgot to bring today was my awesome camera. Darn!


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